Getting Started 

We are honored that you are considering Alliance In-Home Care to provide care for yourself or your loved one. This is an extremely important job and we value your trust and confidence. We look forward to setting up an in-person meeting to introduce ourselves. This will also be a Care Assessment meeting, where we will discuss your needs and goals for in-home care. During this and following discussions, we will review the Alliance Right Match questionnaire, to help us make the best Client/Caregiver match.

An In-Home Safety Assessment will also be provided, to review the home for safety measures. Small changes, such as the moving of a chair or rug - or the adding of an assistance grab bar in the shower - can amount to significantly greater safety and ease of mobility for the client.

Your Personal Care Plan

Following our in-person meeting, Care Assessment and Alliance Right Match discussions, we will provide you with your Personal Care Plan, outlining all details of your care, including goals and expectations. Your Personal Care Plan can be provided to you at any point upon request.

Your Alliance In-Home Care Partner

Your Alliance In-Home Caregiver is licensed, bonded and has received a thorough State and National background check. Every one of our Caregivers is screened with both a written application and in-person interview, as well as reference checks.

We work with and manage our Caregivers to ensure that your Personal Care Plan is being followed with care being met with respect and thoughtfulness in a kind and friendly manner.

Your Family Portal

It is critical to the success of the in-home care experience to understand the care that is being provided to you or to your loved one. You need to know what is happening, who is giving the care, when it takes place and assurances that all is going well and as outlined in the Personal Care Plan.

To help maintain transparency and keep family and loved ones up-to-date on the client’s experience, we have partnered with AxisCare Home Care Software to provide you with a secure family portal that will allow you access to your care calendar and care information. You can track when your Caregiver has arrived and finished the scheduled care visit. Your Caregiver will provide updates which include tracking activities and providing notes on the day’s details and the welfare of your loved one. We are your team and it is critical that we provide you the information you need to feel assured that you or your loved one is receiving exceptional care.  A link your family portal and instructions will be provide once care commences.


The Alliance Quality Care Commitment

Alliance In-Home Care addresses all care and management by maintaining the Alliance Quality Care Commitment: safe, reliable, and respectful quality care, while maintaining the dignity of our clients. We also provide specific continuing caregiver education and performance mentoring for our team. Our first priority is the quality of care given to our clients, which equates to quality of their life. Because our motivation is to “provide care as unique as you are,” we always keep a comprehensive view to maintain perspective of the client's, or the client’s loved ones' choices in personalized care.

With the completion of the Personal Care Plan, we set goals and outline benchmarks for our Caregivers, with clear expectations. We measure these goals with check-ins with our Caregivers and Clients to monitor that the care is meeting the expectations set in the Personal Care Plan. We confirm that the relationship continues to be a good match. Likewise, we meet with our clients and their family and/or representatives to ensure the care experience and relationship is meeting their needs and that the Alliance Quality Care Commitment is being met. If at any point there is a question, we will address it immediately with a full review to clarify the issues and take corrective steps.


Right match.

All Alliance In-Home Caregivers are licensed and trained to work with and support all our clients. However, we also recognize that some people are a better match than others.  Be it personal interests, specialty training, or something as simple as some people prefer to be with people that are either more gregarious or less gregarious. Bringing together the right match of Client and Caregiver is what we are focused on accomplishing.

When creating your Personal Care Plan, we will also review the Alliance Right Match Questionnaire. These questions will help guide our conversation and highlight the most important aspects and preferences that the client will need in a Caregiver and the caregiving experience. A similar questionnaire is given to the Caregiver during the interview process, so that we can navigate the right fit. 

Advancing Care Education

We are committed to helping our Caregiver Team continue their education in In-Home Care and in specific areas that can address specialized client needs, such as: safe transferring, promoting client independence, caring for persons with dementia, to name a few. Through our partnership with CareAcademy, we are able to provide this continuing education to our team of Caregivers. This is a valuable investment on our part, because we see this as a win-win for both our Clients and for our Caregivers.


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